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Fan Film Trailers: Batman, Potter, Cloverfield!

Generally, I don’t do much about fan film trailers here on FCT—by my estimation, maybe 80 percent of fan movies never reach completion, which means in turn that most fan film trailers are promises that will never be kept. Still, I love to be proven wrong, so with that in mind, here’s a few coming [...]

Fan Film Speed News (2 sentences or less)

Still trying to empty the ol’ FCT email bin, and maybe the only real way to get things done is just to do the blogging version of “blipverts” from the old Max Headroom show (Hellooooo, Hollywood: a DVD release someday?). Let’s get to it: • Direct from 1992, it’s Star Trek: USS Proxima. It’s like [...]

It’s every fan filmmaker’s dream these days—make a flick that’s got that extra spark, that certain something that makes it blow up, going from a little video shared with your friends, to the next multi-million-view hit on YouTube. How do you get there? Well, a lot of friends and some software to game the page [...]

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