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Reach Out With Indy Mogul’s Gattling Gun Arm

Those sick, twisted, disturbed souls at Indy Mogul (and I say that in the nicest way possible) are at it again. They always have interesting stuff that they show you how to make for tens of dollars—such as the Hellraiser Good Samaritan gun—but recently, they came up with a bizarre weapon that’s begging to be in a fan film…or Halloween costume: A Gattling gun arm.

While I figured it was a merger of concepts from the chainsaw arm in the Evil Dead movies and the chick with the machine gun leg in Grindhouse, turns out I’m completely wrong (surprise). Erik Beck, host of the show, told Popular Mechanics (no, really) how he came up with the idea:

Beck tells PM that he got the idea from the recent Japanese movie, The Machine Girl, in which the main character, Ami, has a Gatling gun for an arm. But the gun only fired bullets and didn’t spin, Beck said, and spinning is half the fun of the Gatling gun. So he decided his version would rotate: “I thought come on, how hard would that be?” Harder than he thought.

Still, this is a neat idea. After you gawk at how they made this thing for $35, make sure to see their goofy test movie, which is a riot.

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