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Reach Out With Indy Mogul’s Gattling Gun Arm

Those sick, twisted, disturbed souls at Indy Mogul (and I say that in the nicest way possible) are at it again. They always have interesting stuff that they show you how to make for tens of dollars—such as the Hellraiser Good Samaritan gun—but recently, they came up with a bizarre weapon that’s begging to be [...]

Indy Mogul’s Hellboy “Good Samaritan” Gun

After yesterday’s story, it’s time to finish off the week with something a little happier and more upbeat—and, of course, what could be cheerier than a ludicrously gigantic gun? IndyMogul.com always has cool how-to’s on its website, usually in its great video series, Backyard FX; this week, host Erik Beck goes into how to make [...]

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