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Batman: Reborn is Reborn!

Batman Reborn

Batman Reborn

A few weeks ago, FCT profiled the unfinished fan film, Batman: Reborn. The brainchild of Bronx filmmaker Nick Ortiz, the flick took a radical new view of Batman as a denizen of the inner city instead of a rich multi-millionaire from the suburbs of Gotham.

Unfortunately, the promising production ground to a halt in 2007, and Ortiz confirmed this past summer that the project was dead.

Like many comic book stories, however, this one is rising from the dead: Ortiz recently dropped FCT a line to say that Batman: Reborn will live again!

In January, 2009, Granmas Basement Productions begins pre-production on the revamped and revitalized project, with shooting to commence in June.

Ortiz wrote:

Just dropped by your site tonight, and was delightfully surprised to see you had posted an article on my project, Batman Reborn. I was really touched that you claimed the project as “…the most anticipated fan film of 2007.” (although you said I was a Queens based when I’m a Bronx based filmmaker. You might wanna change that [I did; thanks].) I talked to my lead and my assistant director/producer and, thanks to you, I will be restarting the project starting January.

Improvements to the story, cinematography, cast and production values will be made. I am now backed by a team of filmmakers ready and willing to finish this project. I have the experience to deal with the problems of such an ambitious project. have always had a sore spot when it came to never completing this project, but now I feel reinvigorated. And know this, I plan to see this to the end! Thanks Clive!

To be honest, it was completely selfish on my part—I just want to watch the finished movie! If you want to see some of the work Ortiz has completed on it to date, visit the original FCT profile for links to YouTube clips and so forth.

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