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Star Trek Fan Films On The Move

Over the last few weeks, J.J. Abrams has been teasing fans with images and info from his upcoming Star Trek reboot, due in theaters next summer. For those who just can’t wait that long, however, there’s plenty of brand-new Trek to enjoy on the web, thanks to the wide world of fan films. Take these three productions, for instance:

• The team behind the late Star Trek fan film series, Hidden Frontier, have returned with a new mini-series, Star Trek: Federation One. The new production comes just weeks after the release of the Hidden Frontier/Intrepid fan series crossover, Operation Beta Shield. According to the filmmakers, the new production follows the President of the United Federation of Planets, and will cover “the day-to-day operation of the Federation and the inner workings of its government.”

• Trek fan films haven’t always been so fancy, as proven by this vintage Trek parody, Space Cadets, by Jose Guzman. Shot in 1995, it aired on a local public access television on April 1st, 1996–coincidentally the year Captain Kirk discovered Khan abroad the S.S. Botany Bay. The short film is saved as a WinZip file, which can be downloaded.

• The East Vancouverites behind the fan film, Star Trek: Chains of Betrayal, got a write-up in the Beyond Robson blog about their upcoming DVD Release Party. The $200, 38-minute Next Gen flick was shown in Toronto at Trekzac Festicon, where apparently it got a strong crowd. The DVD Release Party will take place at VIVO Media Arts Centre (1965 Main Street) on Thursday, November 27. A Q&A and a Meet and Great with the cast starts at 8pm and costs $2.

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    Thanks so much for referencing “Chains of Betrayal”! We really appreciate it. Can you please email me if you’re interested in a promo copy?

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