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Peter’s Web: A Seven-Part Spider-Man Fan Film

peters-webEven though Marvel Comics is the biggest comic book company around, the DC Comics characters get all the fan film attention. This week, FCT takes a look at some of the Marvel-based fan flicks that have been flying under the radar.

Spider-Man is Marvel Comics’ most beloved superhero, but there aren’t a heck of a lot of fan films starring the Webbed Wonder, and with good reason: Who the heck wants to swing off a building without a net? (Well, besides Dan Poole?) It’s been a while since there was a full-on Spidey fan film that really went for it, and while I don’t know if this one will make a webshoot for the brass ring, the upcoming fan production, Peter’s Web, sure looks like it’s gonna try.

Filmmaker Roger King’s tribute to Stan Lee’s most famous creation is expected to be a seven-part series that will debut a new episode every month until it’s completed. King has been filming for 18 months and is about to start editing; it sounds like a lot of comic book favorites will be featured throughout, including Hobgoblin, Chameleon, Eddie Brock, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Norman Osborn, Mysterio, Kraven, The Lizard, Curt Conners, Vermin, and even some cameos from Reed Richards (Fantastic Four) and Bruce Banner (the Hulk, duh).

Visit SpiderManCrawlSpace for a batch of screen shots from the film—and I do mean “screen shots;” if you look close, you can see a reflection of a digital camera photographing the picture itself off a computer monitor!

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