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Captain America Throws His Mighty Fan Film

captain americaEven though Marvel Comics is the biggest comic book company around, the DC Comics characters get all the fan film attention. This week, FCT takes a look at some of the Marvel-based fan flicks that have been flying under the radar.

Captain America has always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to movies. I recall watching his direct-to-VHS feature film debut in the late ’80s, with that terrible flick that starred J.D. Salinger’s son as Cap. More recently, his shield—not even the hero himself!—got a cameo in Iron Man, and last week, it was announced that Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III) will direct something called First Avenger: Captain America. Well OK. In the fan film world, it’s not much better—Cap has a surprise cameo in the Bloodrayne fan film (oops, guess it’s not a surprise anymore), and that’s it. Until now.

[Youtube=ClBTG5_NU-Q, 425]

There’s not much to know so far about this fan film so far, but if that trailer can make good on its promises, it could be an online hit. Filmmaker Pujo noted on the Captain America messageboard:

if we could pull off the classic look, I would’ve definitely gone for it. In fact during pre-productions, we bought a blue wetsuit from a local Goodwill store to see if that would work. Unfortunately, it made our Steve Rogers look more Spiderman in terms of muscle. The best we could do is go with a vintage WWII look on steroids. At first we tried sewing red and white strips on the torso of the jacket but it just didn’t look right. We tried to make up for it by strapping red and white banana clip bags to the front of his belt. We diverged from the comic book version a lot, but all of us felt like we made a very excellent costume that fits perfectly within a WWII timeframe.

The trailer says 2010; let’s hope we get to see some more of it before then.

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  1. Christopher Moshier

    WOW! Leave it to you to find a Fan Film I don’t know about. I shall be steeling this and putting iton the BIN.

  2. Hey Guys, that’s awesome that you stumbled upon our movie, I really appreciate the spot! That was only a teaser for a longer movie, that we’ll release sometime around february or summer once we have all the CGI, and sound design done. It’s really awesome that some people have got a look at it, because it started as just an idea that a few bored college kids wanted to do during summer, but now it’s a great project to spend time on.

    -Raleigh Latham (Pujo Productions)

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