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Captain Marvel Saves Brazil in Fan Film

Captain MarvelEven though Marvel Comics is the biggest comic book company around, the DC Comics characters get all the fan film attention. Last week, FCT took a look at some of the Marvel-based fan flicks that have been flying under the radar. This one…well, it sort of isn’t a Marvel character…buuuut it kind of is, but…aw, forget it; I give up.

Captain Marvel (AKA Shazam!) is actually a character owned by DC Comics, although his name would definitely lead you to think it’s a Marvel Comics character. And of course, you’d be right, ‘cause Marvel, too, has had a batch of different characters that each used the name “Captain Marvel” as well. We’re not going to deal with either Marvel or DC’s comics today, though, focusing instead on a fan film based on a comic book by Ebal Publishing. Confused yet?

The traditional version of Captain Marvel—the one that yells out “Shazam” to change from Billy Batson into a hero—was published around the world, and in Brazil, it was issued by the Ebal Publishing Company. A while back, two pals in Fawcett City, Brazil read an old Ebal comic and were inspired to make their own ultra cheesy adaptation—and they succeeded. The flick is in Portuguese and there’s a variety of subtitles (including a few in Japanese for some reason), but it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s going on. Between the goofball special effects, the footage of everyday life in Fawcett City and the cheerfully dingy acting—and don’t forget Captain Marvel’s giant ‘fro—this fan film will crack you up.

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