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FCT Roadtrip Report: New England Fan Experience

new england fan experienceIt’s almost midnight as I write this—I just got in from hours of driving and haven’t unpacked yet, so it’s short one today. I hit the New England Fan Experience in Cambridge, MA over the weekend to both show tons of fan films during two separate programs and introduce my brand-new masterpiece humble tome, . Books were sold, flicks were screened, promo postcards were handed out throughout the convention and, all in all, it was a decent book launch. But that’s not all that happened.

There were other bonuses to the weekend: I finally got to meet in person two of the most important people that I interviewed via phone for the book—James Cawley, the mastermind behind Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II, and Marc Kimball, creator of the legendary controversial fan flick, Superman: the Super 8 Movie–Special Edition. As a surprise bonus, we debuted the trailer for Kimball’s upcoming original Sci-Fi film, Space Ranger 7, which looks fascinating. I also snagged a moment to chat with Andrew Probert, famed Hollywood production designer for many a space opera, from Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica to a certain mythic fan film that I got to ask him about. More on that some other time.

NEFE turned out to be a great opportunity to meet other folks who chronicle fandom—take Saturday night, which found me sharing ideas and opinions with my new pals from Outpost Gallifrey, the team from Podshock, who were celebrating the news that they’re the Number One Dr. Who podcast on Apple iTunes (6 million downloads in 3 years). If you’re the kind of person who wishes his other car was a Tardis, you’re gonna love their show; check it out.

The NEFE convention is now a thing of the past, consigned to the world of memory, but let me take one last opportunity to mention that I never would have gotten there and told the world about Homemade Hollywood without the help and assistance of funds from the Strategic Opportunity Stipend (SOS) Program through the New York Foundation for the Arts, administered on Long Island by the East End Arts Council. They are awesome and I’m grateful for their support.

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