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Give (Or Get) Homemade Hollywood For Xmas

img_7954So I wrote this book, right? The one I’ve been plugging on my blog forever, Homemade Hollywood. It’s available online, but the tome is rolling into stores slowly. Borders may have copies (click here to check availability at your local store), and Barnes & Noble is putting it on shelves the week after Christmas, around December 28. Sigh.

If you’re planning to give Homemade Hollywood to your loved ones (or yourself), the only certain way to get it right now is to buy it online. In an effort to ensure that people actually get to read the book I slaved over for years, here’s a shoppers guide for buying the book online this week:–$12.95. Free shipping for orders over $25 (so buy two).

Amazon–$13.57. Free shipping for orders over $25 (they’re really fast, so I recommend them).

Barnes & Noble–$17.95, but they have a 25% off code (P4X8X3H) through Dec. 18, so that makes it $13.46

Borders–$19.95. No online deals that I’m aware of, but like I said, your local Borders may have it in stock.

ME–$23.00, which breaks down as list price ($19.95), plus $3 for shipping. Even though I cost more than the guys above, I’ll sign it if you want, plus you’ll be puting some money in a poor, starving peckish author’s pocket. I can take payments through PayPal, so if you’re interested, drop me a line at fancinematoday at

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