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Superman and Star Wars Lead To Star Ranger 7!

Star Ranger 7-5I’ve mentioned Superman: The Super 8 Movie—Special Edition numerous times and I wrote about it extensively in my new book on fan films, Homemade Hollywood, but no one could actually see the movie, because it was forced offline by lawyers a decade ago.

Back then, DC Comics sent a cease and desist letter to filmmaker Marc Kimball telling him to knock it off or else—and he did. Now that DC has changed its views about fan films, the legendary Superman flick is finally back online—and the story gets even better.

It’s viewable for free on a cool new site centered around Kimball’s new, original sci-fi short, Star Ranger 7. I’ve previewed the film here on FCT before, but now the 20-minute flick debuted online last week, and it’s worth checking out, so go for Superman, and stay for Star Ranger.

Star Ranger 7 follows the titular one-man army as he escapes a deadly starship attack that destroys the space station where he’s posted. As the sole survivor, he lunges at the opportunity to dish out a little payback to the bad guys, and it’s all lasers, explosions and death defying from there on out. Packed with CGI, special effects and grin-inducing dialogue, the flick is a lot of fun.

Like I said, SR7 and Superman are both viewable on the site for free, plus there’s some of Kimball’s other fan film work—early Star Wars fan films that are now cornerstones to the Atomfilms / Lucasfilm Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. With all that together in one place now, there’s enough at the site to keep you amply entertained for an afternoon’s worth of slacking off.

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