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New Hunt For Gollum LOTR Fan Film Trailer, More

The Hunt For GollumThe release of the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings fan film The Hunt For Gollum draws ever closer. Here’s your proof: the awesome new trailer is now available online and holy smokes, this thing looks good.

Director Chris Bouchard wrote in to tell us about the trailer and said, “This is quite a big release for us as it shows a lot more of the characters and the cinematics/atmosphere of the film.” No kidding—see the trailer after the jump!

For those who came in late, here’s Bouchard’s description of the movie:

Aragorn sets out to hunt for Gollum in this independent Lord of the Rings tribute film. The creature must be found, not only to discover the truth about the Ring, but to protect the Ringbearer himself from the dark lord of Mordor…

Meanwhile, Adrian Webster—the actor playing Aragorn—was interviewed by SFX magazine, while BBC Radio 6 interviewed Bouchard. The film is due out in early 2009; can’t wait.

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2 Responses to “New Hunt For Gollum LOTR Fan Film Trailer, More”

  1. Christopher Moshier

    You’ve been drinking again Clive. You repeated the quote twice. Or maybe I haven’t drank enough!

  2. Fixed–good catch, Chris. Thanks!

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