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Lord of the Rings Hunt For Gollum Fan Film Courts Controversy

The long-awaited fan film, The Hunt For Gollum, based on obscure parts of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, will finally debut on May 3, appearing at dailymotion.com and on the big screen at The London Sci-Fi International Film Festival. The pre-release goodwill shown the 40-minute film by Metro Online and SFX Magazine has [...]

New Hunt For Gollum LOTR Fan Film Trailer, More

The release of the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings fan film The Hunt For Gollum draws ever closer. Here’s your proof: the awesome new trailer is now available online and holy smokes, this thing looks good. Director Chris Bouchard wrote in to tell us about the trailer and said, “This is quite a big [...]

Loads of Lord of the Rings Fan Films

Superheroes and Sci-Fi always seem to lead the way when it comes to franchises that get the fan film treatment. Perhaps it’s because they’re more challenging to low-budget filmmakers; it’s not easy to make it look like your actors are on another planet, or that a superhero is tossing cars like empty beer cans. Fantasy, [...]

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