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Star Trek Fan Film News: Hidden Frontier, More

federation oneStar Trek is a massive universe (even if it’s supposed to be our own) and the legions of fans that support it are just as huge. As a result, there’s always enough going on within Trek fandom that any given week, there’s bound to be a few fan film news stories to tell. To whit:

• Over at the illustrious, Gustavo Leao recently interviewed Rob Caves on his fan films plans for 2009; suffice it to say, he has a lot on his agenda, from mini-series to audio-only productions to other good stuff. For those unfamiliar with Caves, he’s the producer of the post-Nemesis fan production series Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles, Star Trek Odyssey and Star Trek: Federation One, and head of Hidden Frontier Productions.

Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II has broken lots of boundaries over the years, but it’s likely best known for the fact that it got legendary Trek actors to resume their roles, most noticably George “Sulu” Takei. If you want to get the complete inside story of making Takei’s episode, “World Enough and Time,” keep an eye out for the latest issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories, which will have a Twenty-One page article on just that topic. Here’s a preview of the first page.

• And finally, if you’re planning to make your own Trek flick, perhaps you need a little decorative help; here’s one of the nuttiest collectibles I’ve heard of yet: A full-size replica of Captain Kirk’s chair. noted:

With the sci-fi status and geek grandeur of Captain Kirk’s command chair in their collection, Trekfans of every generation can boldly go where no one has gone before! This full- size recreation of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s Captain’s Chair delivers all the accents and details from the historic prop, along with modern lighting with sound effects and phrases designed to thrill any Star Trek enthusiast!

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