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The Hunt For Gollum Meets The Chip Kidd of Fan Films

In the book industry, you can tell if a publisher is really invested in making book a hit by a number of factors, but one of the most tell-tale signs is that it’ll spring to have Chip Kidd design the cover. In addition to his own novels and books, including co-producing the awesome Watching the [...]

Star Trek Fan Film News: Hidden Frontier, More

Star Trek is a massive universe (even if it’s supposed to be our own) and the legions of fans that support it are just as huge. As a result, there’s always enough going on within Trek fandom that any given week, there’s bound to be a few fan film news stories to tell. To whit: [...]

Star Trek Fan Films On The Move

Over the last few weeks, J.J. Abrams has been teasing fans with images and info from his upcoming Star Trek reboot, due in theaters next summer. For those who just can’t wait that long, however, there’s plenty of brand-new Trek to enjoy on the web, thanks to the wide world of fan films. Take these [...]

Star Trek Fan Films: Kirok of L’Stock Rocks

It may be a few months out of date now, but if you’re jonesing for some info and insight into the biggest and best-known Star Trek fan films, you should visit ThunderDownUnder.org and download a great, free ebook, Five Fan Films. Australian mega-Trek fan Kirok of L’Stock has compiled the history of five fan productions, [...]

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier / Intrepid Crossover!

The teams behind the Star Trek fan series Hidden Frontier and Intrepid have joined forces for a massive feature-length epic, Operation Beta Shield, which debuted this week. Many Trek fan film fans still mourn the passing of HF, which ended its seven-year run in 2007, so this new production is being greeted with open arms [...]

Star Trek, Wall•E and Aquaman

Some small fan film-related items today: STAR TREK FAN FILM ZINE Don’t know how I never heard of this before, but you might want to take a look at Trekkie Central, a downloadable zine in .PDF format for Trek fan film fans. Its website is a bit of a mess, but clearly this is someone’s [...]

"I canna change da laws of fan films, Captain!"

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Star Trek is all around us every day, from corny newspaper headlines that say something will “go where no [fill in the blank] has gone before” to Motorola Razr cell phones that bear a striking resemblance to Communicators. As for me, if I stumble across the [...]

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