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Star Trek: The Next Generation Gets Its Own Fan Film

star trek chains of betrayal 1Most Star Trek fan films either follow Captain Kirk and the gang, or they take place on entirely new starships—all of which makes a new flick from Vancouver, Star Trek: Chains of Betrayal all the more unusual, because it’s a Next Generation story. While the ultra low-budget flick has some great laughs, the movie actually has a story that would’ve made for a good TNG episode.

As things start, Jean-Luc Picard has suddenly disappeared and is presumed dead, so Riker takes command. Starfleet sends Ambassador Spock to investigate the disappearance, and the elder statesman immediately starts undermining the temporary captain, making accusations of conspiracy and murder. Before you know it, Klingons and Romulans are involved, the Enterprise is deep in the forbidden Neutral Zone, and everyone’s on the brink of war.

Costing a whopping $200 (Canadian!), the 38-minute flick was shot in front of a green screen, placing the actors into stills from the TV show, including 10-Forward, the conference room and more. Usually that special effect is usually a strike against a fan film, but the cast makes it work, in part because they’re clearly not taking the flick that seriously. Since they occasionally walk through a table by accident due to the green screen, well, you can’t blame them.

star trek chains of betrayal 2All your favorite TNG cliches are merrily invoked, from Riker’s traditional orneriness, to Wesley’s flacid whining, to Worf’s unquenchable thirst for blood.

While all the main leads clearly have fun playing their parts, Darren Bot carries the film with a perfect mix of bemusement and respect for his character, while John Rogers had me in stitches with his ultra-wacko Worf. And the picture’s Picard? Let’s just say he’d fit in on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

The film isn’t available online yet, but you can find the goofy trailer on .

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