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Happy Birthday + Highlander + Fan Film = Only One

What if you could live forever? You’d have an epic existence, filled with adventure and excitement…but there would still be no escape from the numbing day-to-day details of life. Immortal or not, sooner or later, you’d get roped into a kiddie birthday party, boring as hell—unless your arch enemy of the ages turned up! So [...]

Batman: Reign of Fate–Cool Fan Film Trailer

It’s been a while since I covered a solo Batman flick here on Fan Cinema Today, but it looks like Bats is back with a bang. Canadian fan film collective Loose Noose has posted the trailer for its upcoming effort, Batman: Reign of Fate, and it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve always been [...]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Gets Its Own Fan Film

Most Star Trek fan films either follow Captain Kirk and the gang, or they take place on entirely new starships—all of which makes a new flick from Vancouver, Star Trek: Chains of Betrayal all the more unusual, because it’s a Next Generation story. While the ultra low-budget flick has some great laughs, the movie actually [...]

Superman is Old News in Tomorrow’s Memoir

There’s thousands of fan films out there, enough that it’s impossible to find time to watch all the “really good ones” that get raved about. Millions of people have watched the Chad Vader series, for instance, but I don’t know anyone who’s watched every episode. Nonetheless, good fan flicks tend to at least get attention, [...]

Fan Film Murder Suspect Mark Twitchell’s House of Cards Footage Released

UPDATE: Twitchell entered a plea of “Not Guilty”—or rather, someone did it for him. For the third time, neither he nor his lawyer appeared in court, sending a representative instead. Twitchell will face trial on October 5, 2009; perhaps he’ll show up for that. Mark Twitchell, the Canadian fan filmmaker accused of murder, is due—for [...]

More On Mark Twitchell Fan Film Murder Case

Mark Twitchell, the Canadian fan filmmaker accused of murdering a man in an effort to mimic a horror movie he’d recently shot, didn’t show up in court last Wednesday as had been initially expected. In fact, neither did his lawyer. The Edmonton Journal reported: A student representing defence lawyer David Cunningham asked that the matter [...]

Fan Film Murder Suspect Hits Court Wednesday

As reported on FCT yesterday, Mark Twitchell, a Star Wars fan filmmaker in Edmonton, Canada, was arrested on Halloween for allegedly killing a man. The suspect was originally expected to appear in court yesterday, but will now go before a judge on Wednesday. In late September, Twitchell filmed a short horror movie, House of Cards, [...]

Star Wars Fan Film Director Arrested for Murder

Canadian fan filmmaker Mark Andrew Twitchell, 29, was arrested on Halloween in Edmonton, Alberta, accused of murdering a man in an effort to live out the plot of his latest movie. Twitchell recently shot a horror film in his garage, according to Detective Mark Anstey, who told CTV Edmonton, “The movie was about luring a [...]

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