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Who Raps The Watchmen?


FCT has covered Watchmen fan films a few times (and even the occasional cool knock-off). With the feature film hitting theaters soon, you’d think there would be an onslaught of related fan productions hitting the web. You’d also be wrong. Hurm. Nonetheless, this week, we’ll take a look at some of the fan-created offerings out there on the web.

One of the few potentially interesting spots of fan creativity related to Watchmen are musical homages to the comic series. Watchmen has been lionized in song before; Pop Will Eat Itself led the way back in the 1980s with the (ahem) tribute, which noted “Alan Moore knows the score.” Of course, the Moore connection is the only exceptional thing about PWEI’s tune since all their tracks were essentially rewrites of one song—and even with 20 years distance, that song still sucks.

That said, you’ll be longing for the comparative subtlety of PWEI once you try out the “Who Watches The Watchmen” rap. It tries hard and has a catchy chorus, but despite the fact it wants to be the Watchmen answer to the , the delivery skillz are lacking. Still, you gotta give ‘em credit for even attempting such a nutty concept. Check out the song after the jump.

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