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Watchmen‘s Rorschach Steps In Ink Blot


FCT has covered Watchmen fan films a few times (and even the occasional cool knock-off). With the feature film hitting theaters soon, you’d think there would be an onslaught of related fan productions hitting the web. You’d also be wrong. Hurm. Nonetheless, this week, we’ll take a look at some of the fan-created offerings out there on the web.

There aren’t many Watchmen fan films out there, but the vast majority focus on Rorschach, the ultra-damaged goods detective at the heart of the graphic novel. Interestingly, few fan films attempt to graft new material on to the original work, instead choosing to recreate scenes from the comic. Ink Blot is no exception, serving up the scenes where Rorschach visits The Comedian’s grave and then pays a visit on Moloch. See the video—and more—after the jump.

It’s all shot fairly well (except for the shot where he “reads” the gravestone and you can see it’s got an entirely different name on it), the locations are decent substitutes and Moloch looks creepy enough. The drawback is that Rorschach has a bit of an accent, and while that can actually add character if you think about it, that sticking point has become the focal point of most of the comments on YouTube. In fact, it also becomes the center of a tasteless response rant as well.

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