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Director Joe Dante Loves The Gremlins Fan Film

gremlins fan filmLast summer, fan filmmaker Sacha Feiner’s Gremlins flick—where the nasty little guys from the Eighties horror/comedy movies take over your DVR—was the buzz of the internet. Millions enjoyed watching Feiner’s update to the “broken film” scene in Gremlins 2, as his carefully made monsters invade classic scenes from other movies like The Exorcist, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Batman.

Now it turns out that the feature films’ director, Joe Dante, has seen the short and wants to include it in the next DVD edition of Gremlins 2!

Gremlins Online nabbed an interview with Feiner, who explained how Dante got to see the fan film:

I was lucky enough to know an amateur film maker, who happened to attend a convention in Pittsburgh, where Dante was signing autographs. He was kind enough to show Dante my fan film there. Dante appreciated it so much that he seriously wanted it included in the next official DVD release of Gremlins 2.
Today, I am in contact with him and Michael Finnel, the original producer, who is in talks with Warner Bros… So [if] this will happen, I will let you know.
…I got a very nice mail from [monster builder] Rick Baker himself, telling me my effects were very clever… and that the way I did it was exactly what he wanted back in 1989… which was impossible, even for his studio, as those were times in which, of course, digital compositing was not as accessible as today.

In case you missed it the first time around, here’s Feiner’s fan film:

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