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Top 10 Fan Cinema Today Fan Film Stories: March, 2009

March 25: Valerie Perez as Paula Peril.

March 25: Valerie Perez as Paula Peril.

March was a busy month around here! Here’s Fan Cinema Today‘s 10 most popular stories of the last month, presented in chronological order.

March 3: 5 FREE Freaky Filmmaking Programs for Macs
If you have a Mac and are looking for some free ways to make your next flick—or at least give it some visual flair—you need to discover the cool creations of Zach Poff.

March 4: Sci-Fi Legend John Varley: “Fan Films Suck!”
Republibot, a sci-fi fan site that describes itself as “the Science Fiction Site for people who aren’t Drooling Kneejerk Liberals,” recently interviewed sci-fi legend John Varley, [who has] some rather dismissive thoughts about the emergence of fan film culture.

March 5: Who You Gonna Watch? New Ghostbusters Fan Films!
Why wait a few years for Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and the gang to get around to Ghostbusters III? You can enjoy some serious Bustin’ right now with the new fan film series, Ghostbustin’ 911.

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March 9: A Taste of Saturday Morning Watchmen
Saturday Morning Watchmen is a goofy animated fan film that drops Alan Moore’s diabolical R-Rated comic book into the G-Rated waters of a typical 1980s DIC cartoon. It’s torn up the Internet, going seriously viral.

March 11: Director Joe Dante Loves The Gremlins Fan Film
Last summer, fan filmmaker Sacha Feiner’s Gremlins flick was the buzz of the Internet. Now the feature films’ director, Joe Dante, wants to include it in the next DVD edition of Gremlins 2!

March 12: Batman Vs. Superman – A Duel To The Death!
Batman and Superman have always had a love/hate thing going, but sometimes things just boil over in any relationship and there’s no going back to the way things used to be.

March 18: 4 Free Stop-Motion Animation Programs for Windows & Linux
Fan Cinema Today has covered free filmmaking software for Macs, but what if you prefer Windows or Linux? Why should you be penalized? Where’s your free software? Right here.

March 20: What’s In The Box?—Fan Film or Viral Video?
The Internet is ablaze suddenly with the arrival of What’s In the Box?, a mysterious video on YouTube that is being conjectured as everything from a viral video promoting the next edition of the video game Half Life to a fan film by Dutch film students to something related to the TV show Lost.

March 25: New Paula Peril Flick Crystalizes on the Web
The latest fan film-inspired opus from Atlantis Studios, Paula Peril and the Mystery of the Crystal Falcon, hit the web last week.

March 26: Star Wars: Renaissance—Chile’s First Fan Film!
We head to Chile for just-completed flick based on George Lucas’ creation: Star Wars: Renaissance.

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