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Sandy Collora’s Hunter Prey Trailer Hits The Web!

It’s been a busy time for Sandy Collora, the emerging director who first made a name for himself in the mid-00′s with the back-to-back, big-budget fan films Batman: Dead End and World’s Finest. Last November, news of his impending feature film directing debut, Hunter Prey, broke across the internet (after Fan Cinema Today actually broke the story almost a year ago). February saw the director introduce his new , and Monday found the first trailer land online at Of course, it didn’t take long for the website’s exclusive to get bootlegged on to YouTube (wasn’t me, honest); hence, the video above.

With the film’s post-production and scoring nearly done, the flick should be complete by June, which means Collora’s next project is to get the movie out into the world. He noted this week in an interview on Sci-Fi Scoop, “As for when it will be released, I can’t answer that yet. We have a great international sales group called Moviehouse, involved now in London, and they’re planning a presentation at Cannes in May. We’ll see how things go from there.”

If you’re dying to find out more, you’re in luck, as Collora has a number of personal appearances lined up, the first being a night of fan films I’m hosting at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 22. While I’ll be talking about my book, Homemade Hollywood and showing some primo sample fan films, both Collora and Trey Stokes (creator of Pink Five, one of George Lucas’ favorite Star Wars parodies) will be on-hand, explaining how their fan productions led to new professional endeavors—Collora’s Hunter Prey and Stokes’ Ark. [Fun fact: Collora and Stokes worked together nearly 20 years ago on James Cameron's The Abyss.]


Can’t make it to the museum? Collora will also be appearing at Monsterpalooaza, a convention dedicated to the art and effects of monsters, in the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel, May 29-31. Collora mentioned in the interview,

“There will be a Q&A with myself, the actors, and the producers and crew, afterwards as well. There will also be a Hunter Prey table with costume displays and artwork from the film, promotional materials, T-shirts, and free swag, where people can meet and interact with all of us, get a sketch, a photo, or whatever. I’m looking forward to it. There will be a lot of friends and colleagues speaking and presenting there as well. It should be fun! We’re also planning on doing something VERY special for Comic Con this year, so stay tuned!”

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