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Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark Fan Film From Italy

spider-man: beyond the dark

Spider-Man may live in New York City, but he’s popular everywhere. Case in point? Check out Stefano Morandini’s upcoming Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark fan film, produced in Italy.

Currently in the editing phase, Morandini’s flick examines what keeps a superhero fighting when he just doesn’t care anymore. Heroes can take a punch and give one back, but can they fight the grim specter of depression? What happens when they just don’t want to fight anymore—and their moral enemies still do?

Morandini detailed the plot, explaining:

Peter Parker has lost everything: his girlfriend, Mary Jane, and himself. He has no more reason to fight in this life, and in this case, he wears the black suit as symbol of mourning and despair. The Hero is dead…but The Man? During a fight versus his nemesis, Goblin, Peter Parker rises again….

Know what my favorite part of that photo above is? The presence of a professional microphone! How many fan films have you seen where the visuals were amazing but the audio sounded like it was done with two tin cans and some string?


Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark poster

Although Spider-Man has always been a Marvel Comics character, Morandini’s vision of the Green Goblin takes more than a few visual cues from DC Comics’ recent cinematic excursions—specifically Batman’s rival, the Joker. That teaser poster was clearly influenced by the “Why So Serious” poster for The Dark Knight .

spider-man: beyond the dark

People have been making amateur Spider-Man movies for 40 years; I wrote about three of ‘em in Homemade Hollywood, from one that Tommy Ramone of the Ramones helped produce in the early 1970s, to Dan Poole’s The Green Goblin’s Last Stand in 1991, which found him swinging off a six-story building in downtown Baltimore without a net! This is the only one I’ve come across with the black Venom costume, though.

Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark - glider
Think the Green Goblin is going to take a tumble? This Goblin Glider sure looks like it suffered a very sudden introduction to the floor.

Dig that crazy flip on to the table! Makes sense, though; Spidey was always insanely gymnastic in the comics, so why not in the movies too?

Here’s the trailer. What do you think of all this? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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One Response to “Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark Fan Film From Italy”

  1. Looks like it has potential, but the trailer didn’t particularly impress me… I hope it has decent web action; it would be the first Spidey fan-film that did…

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