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Star Wars Gets Sexy In New Fan Film

I may be the only guy on the planet to say this, but Princess Leia in the Metal Slave Bikini never really did anything for me. Meh. There aren’t many women in the Star Wars movies in the first place, so I’ve always found it to be a rather sexless saga—which is likely just how George Lucas wants it.

Adam Green, on the other hand, is looking to rectify that perception with the fan film he directed below; tip of the hat to Phil at Live For Film for finding it. Lest anyone suggest this is sexist crap (duh, of course it is), think of its inclusion here as a balancing of the Force: The Janet Evanovich story is definitely for the ladies, so this one’s for all the guys in the house. Spot the “Stunt Coordinator” in-joke, use the comments to share your thoughts on this thought-provoking tour de Force, and we’ll call it a week.

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