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Pink Five Returns…Sort Of

Pink FiveWhen it comes to the Women of Star Wars, well, you can keep ‘em. Slave-bikini Leia? Whatever. Wimpering Amidala? Yawn. Or how about…um…there really aren’t any other women in Star Wars, unless you count Aunt Beru. Me, I’d want to hang out with Stacey, the Valley Girl heroine of Pink Five—and I’m not alone on that one.

Pink Five, the now-legendary fan film series by Trey Stokes and Amy Earhart, has millions of fans—and not the just the kind that send a link to pals saying “check out this fan film.” Nooooo. More like the kind of fans that make their own tribute art. The kind of fans that make their own incredibly cool Pink Five action figures. The kind of fans that put Stacey in . The kind of fans that make their own Pink Five fan film.

That’s right: A fan film of a fan film. It’s so meta, my head just imploded. As Trey himself noted on his blog,

Made in Mexico (but performed in English), behold the awesomeness of Pink Five CELE, aka The Pink Five Menace. The opening crawl alone snapped my head clean off… and then it got even better. If Pink Five ever gets turned into a telenovela, I suspect it would turn out exactly like this.


Of course, what P5 fans really want is for the series to end. You see, Trey and Amy made the original Pink Five flick back in 2002; the sequel, Pink Five Strikes Back in 2004, and a three-part finale, Return of Pink Five, in 2006. The catch is, the final segment of the finale isn’t done yet, bogged down thanks to production issues like “real life.” Stokes is neck-deep in a new, professional (i.e. bill-paying) project called Ark, so it will still be a while before we see the end of ROP5.

When will that be? Well, if you live in Los Angeles, you can ask Trey yourself (don’t tell him I said that). On April 22, I’ll be hosting a night of fan films at the Hammer Museum, with special guests Trey Stokes and Sandy Collora (Batman: Dead End; World’s Finest). Get all the latest dirt on their new projects (Trey has Ark, and Sandy’s got his first feature film in post right now, Hunter Prey). Can’t make it to L.A.? Get both directors’ stories in my book, Homemade Hollywood—and if you can make it to the Hammer, hey, there’ll be a few copies for sale, so you can get Trey and Sandy to sign it before they become so important that fanboys no longer love ‘em.

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