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Watchmen : The High School Years Fan Film Series

Here’s a series of Watchmen fan films endorsed by Rorschach himself—Jackie Earle Haley. Dude liked ‘em so much that he posted the entire series to date on his blog. I gave ‘em a watch (so to speak), and yeah, they’re funny stuff. The first one starts off slow, but stick with it.

…and where’s the final episode? Still being worked on. The reports:

Chapter 5 will be released in two parts, however there won’t be too much of a gap between the releasement of the two. It’ll be the longest Chapter so far, probably between ten and fifteen minutes. We’ll be seeing all the characters, so for those of you who were having Veidt withdrawel symptoms, he’ll make his triumphant return.
Also, when you watch Chapter 5 (and the rest of our videos from now on) there will be a clue in it that’ll represent the topic of our next video to come. We thought it would be a cool easter egg to include, so… props to anyone who spots it!

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