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Twin Twin Peaks—A David Lynch Fan Film!

twin twin peaks fan film

More than 18 years after David Lynch’s cult TV series, Twin Peaks, limped off the air, fans are finally going to get a second cup of damn good coffee with Twin Twin Peaks, a fan film shot on the show’s original locations in Washington state. Picking up where the series left off (Agent Cooper possessed by Bob, etc.), the episode is based on a 40-page, fan screenplay that made the rounds through fandom a few years ago.

Twin Twin Peaks might provide loyal followers with some answers and a proper sense of closure (something Lynch and co-writer Mark Frost never deigned to provide), but if it follows series tradition, it’ll just toss out more perplexing, unanswered questions instead. On the other hand, a Twin Peaks fan film really can’t suck—considering the series’ stilted style and how God awful the plot was by the end, amateur acting and writing will still be a marked improvement (and I say that as someone who doggedly sat through every first-run episode to the miserable end). The filmmakers hope to debut the flick at this year’s Twin Peaks Festival (July 24-26, 2009), but here’s the trailer in the meantime. I wish ‘em the best of luck, but in the meantime, now I’m hungry for pie.

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