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Star Wars Gets The Neil Simon Treatment

In honor of April Fools Day, here’s one of my all-time favorite Star Wars fan films, The Odd Star Wars Couple, which has been banging around the internet for over a decade. I don’t know why this never became huge, because it is a side-splitter. Maybe it’s a generational thing, where the kids simply ain’t [...]

People Vs. George Lucas Trailer Intrigues, Disappoints

Word has circulated among fan sites for the last few years about The People Vs. George Lucas, an upcoming documentary that would hold an imaginary ‘trial’ against the creator of Star Wars. Now the film’s first trailer has landed online. It’s no secret that I love fan documentaries, but when I first heard about this [...]

Geek Love Strikes in Mr. Right Fan Film

Here’s a fan film that mixes Star Wars, Superman, Ring of Honor  pro wrestling, Stephen King, X Files, Stargate, Lord of the Rings, Sliders, and romance. Yes, you read that right: romance. I can’t recall the last fan movie that featured that foreign substance, but it’s the driving force behind Mr. Right, a recent effort [...]

Admiral Motti To Make A Star Wars Fan Film?

There’s a lot of tools in the first Star Wars movie (Greedo, Uncle Owen and even C3PO in his overly fey moments come to mind), but Admiral Motti beats them all hands down. Who the heck is Admiral Motti? (I had to look him up, to be honest). He’s the big mouth in the Death [...]

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