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Star Wars: Renaissance—Chile’s First Fan Film!

Last week, Fan Cinema Today discussed a Star Wars fan film from the United Arab Emirates; this week, we head to Chile for just-completed flick based on George Lucas’ creation: Star Wars: Renaissance. A 30-minute short with more than 200 visual effects shots, the film was created entirely in Chile. Using their home computers and [...]

2008: The Year In Star Wars Fan Films

Boy, the year just flew by, didn’t it? In April, Fan Cinema Today came back to life after a year in slumber, and it’s been a 5-days-a-week postathon every since. This week, FCT is taking a look at some of the bigger stories it covered throughout the year, and since people make fan films about [...]

Star Wars Fan Film Director Arrested for Murder

Canadian fan filmmaker Mark Andrew Twitchell, 29, was arrested on Halloween in Edmonton, Alberta, accused of murdering a man in an effort to live out the plot of his latest movie. Twitchell recently shot a horror film in his garage, according to Detective Mark Anstey, who told CTV Edmonton, “The movie was about luring a [...]

Admiral Motti To Make A Star Wars Fan Film?

There’s a lot of tools in the first Star Wars movie (Greedo, Uncle Owen and even C3PO in his overly fey moments come to mind), but Admiral Motti beats them all hands down. Who the heck is Admiral Motti? (I had to look him up, to be honest). He’s the big mouth in the Death [...]

Star Wars Fan Film Updates Make It Happen

Here’s a few Star Wars-related goodies, and unusually, two of ‘em are musically inclined…. MANDALORIAN DANCE This 51-second flick, Mandalorian Dance, has been out for a little over a month, and I’ve been meaning to post it—a stop-motion animation fan film featuring Boba Fett shakin’ it loose, Flashdance-style. Made by Patrick Boivin, this had me [...]

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