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Family Wins Star Trek Fan Film Contest

When the media writes about fan filmmakers, they usually portray them as geeky teenage guys with lots of free time and no life; the reality, of course, is something different. Men and women of all ages and all backgrounds enjoy the hobby, as recounted in chapter 14 of Homemade Hollywood. It was proven all over [...]

5/25/77 Is Back On Track

5/25/77, the indie film based on the true story of a 1970s teenage fan filmmaker whose life was changed when he went behind the scenes on Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, is still alive—and man, am I surprised. This movie must have more spare lives than a cat. function change_color(input, id) [...]

Gray Areas: Lucasfilm Backyard Film Contest

Wanna start an argument between fan filmmakers? Ask ‘em what constitutes a fan film. And if you want to see that argument escalate into a brawl (and really, who doesn’t?), inquire whether “fan films” made by professionals count–you know, flicks like the upcoming Star Trek: Of Gods And Men, featuring nearly every Trek actor that [...]

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