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5/25/77 Is Back On Track

5/25/77, the indie film based on the true story of a 1970s teenage fan filmmaker whose life was changed when he went behind the scenes on Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, is still alive—and man, am I surprised. This movie must have more spare lives than a cat.

This flick has been in the making for at least a decade, as I remember reading an early draft of the script sometime in the late 1990s. I recall liking it a lot, but thinking that there was no way it would ever get made. Well, I was wrong and a few years go, it went in front of the lens. The problem is, it’s been tied up in post-production limbo ever since. There was a generally positive rough cut screening for Star Wars fans last year at the Celebration IV convention, but otherwise, there’s been little in the way of news on this flick…until now.

Apparently, the hold up has been a cash crunch, but now the production has landed enough funding to be completed, and has undergone a name change to merely 77, according to Ain’t It Cool News. Huzzah.

I wrote a long piece about 5/25/77 in February, 2007, and wound up hearing from the film’s writer/director, Patrick Read Johnson, who forwarded me this. Ain’t It Cool News picked up the story then, and for a brief while, this website actually had readers–I got over 2,000 hits in four days. Those days are long gone, but remembered fondly by my blog’s stats chart.

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