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4 FREE Video Editing Programs for Mac

Everyone has a computer these days; heck, you’re using one right now. For a fan filmmaker, however, a computer is far more than just a piece of hardware for surfing the internet; it’s an all-in-one movie studio. Realizing that aiding creativity is a good way to get people to buy a computer, Apple includes its [...]

Celtx: Free Screenwriting and Production Software

If you’re gonna make a fan film, you need a script (no, seriously). If you’re really ambitious, you might even want to storyboard your movie, like the guys from Troops did. Once you get into production, you’ll want to keep track of who’s gonna be where on what day so you can shoot, edit, set [...]

Free Stop-Motion Animation Video Software

The arrival of home video cameras in the late Seventies turbocharged home movies. Amateur filmmakers were used to spending a fortune on 3-minute, silent 8mm film reels that you shot, hoped the exposure was right and then sent off to the local photo lab for 3-4 weeks. When the reels came back, people had to [...]

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