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SOFTWARE REVIEW: Toast 10 Titanium

Toast 10 Titanium is a suite of integrated media programs devoted to different forms of archiving.

4 FREE Video Editing Programs for Mac

Everyone has a computer these days; heck, you’re using one right now. For a fan filmmaker, however, a computer is far more than just a piece of hardware for surfing the internet; it’s an all-in-one movie studio. Realizing that aiding creativity is a good way to get people to buy a computer, Apple includes its [...]

Top 10 Fan Cinema Today Fan Film Stories: March, 2009

March was a busy month around here! Here’s Fan Cinema Today‘s 10 most popular stories of the last month, presented in chronological order. March 3: 5 FREE Freaky Filmmaking Programs for Macs If you have a Mac and are looking for some free ways to make your next flick—or at least give it some visual [...]

Free Stop-Motion Animation Video Software

The arrival of home video cameras in the late Seventies turbocharged home movies. Amateur filmmakers were used to spending a fortune on 3-minute, silent 8mm film reels that you shot, hoped the exposure was right and then sent off to the local photo lab for 3-4 weeks. When the reels came back, people had to [...]

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