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Superman Laid Off As Gladiators Tanks

Michael O’Hearn, the actor who portrayed Superman in Sandy Collora‘s classic fan film, World’s Finest (which I wrote about in Homemade Hollywood), hit the big time in 2008 when he was cast in NBC’s remake of American Gladiators. According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, the show has been dropped: Gladiators ready? No, gladiators are not [...]

Fan Film News Updates

We’re always on the case here at Fan Cinema Today (actually everyone’s always on my case, but hey, that’s just details). Here’s some new news on some old news: • • • A while back, I mentioned that the actor who played Superman in Sandy Collora’s World’s Finest fan film, Mike O’Hearn, is now a [...]

From Superman Fan Film To TV Personality

When we talk about fan film folks trying to make it big, we tend to focus on the directors, but hey, sometimes the stars get to make it big, too. Case in point: I’m walking home through Times Square the other day when I look up at a billboard and see a somewhat familiar face [...]

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