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Superman Laid Off As Gladiators Tanks

Mike O'Hearn / American GladiatorsMichael O’Hearn, the actor who portrayed Superman in Sandy Collora‘s classic fan film, World’s Finest (which I wrote about in Homemade Hollywood), hit the big time in 2008 when he was cast in NBC’s remake of American Gladiators. According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, the show has been dropped:

Gladiators ready? No, gladiators are not ready. This competition-series revival enjoyed terrific ratings for its initial run during the WGA strike. A second season launched in May and saw a sharp drop in viewers, with ratings fading throughout its summer run. Most consider reality shows cheap to produce, but this stunt-heavy arena competition is not. NBC has not mentioned Gladiators on the record, but it’s considered canceled.

While the show might be over, O’Hearn is keeping busy—in September, he appeared in the web series, , November found him on the set of the late, not-so-great Knight Rider remake, and between all that, he has been working on a new movie, Alter Ego, playing a new, original superhero.

Over the summer, O’Hearn was heard speculating that he might be landing the title roles in the big-screen remakes of Captain America or Conan. Chris Moiser over at FanFilmPodcast thinks O’Hearn would be perfect for the upcoming Thor movie, and while I can definitely picture it better than Cap, I think he’d have a better shot at Conan. What do you think? Give your thoughts below in the comments section.

[THR, via Ain't It Cool News]

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One Response to “Superman Laid Off As Gladiators Tanks”

  1. Ren

    Mike would definitely make a good Thor, if he lets his beard grow and stops with the botox. :-P

    I’m really upset that they cancelled Gladiators…my kids thoroughly enjoyed the show!

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