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Legend of Zelda Fan Film On The Way

There’s been a lot of fan films based on video games in recent times, and the tidal wave isn’t stopping any time soon; now we’re moving on from obvious entires like Tomb Raider to more exotic fare, like flicks based on the classic Nintendo series, The Legend of Zelda. That game is now the inspiration [...]

Nintendo Wii Fan Film: There Will Be Brawl

Remember the other week, when I wrote about some kids in Georgia who are making a film for class based on Super Mario Brothers? Turns out someone else has already been there, done that with the fairly exciting (and funny) There Will Be Brawl, a parody of the popular Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game [...]

Super Mario Bros. Get Live-Action Fan Film

There’s been lots of fan films based on video games over the years—I’ve written about fan productions based on Lara Croft, Halo, Metal Gear Solid and Max Payne on this blog alone, and there’s plenty more out there, from Pac-Man to Resident Evil. Now you can add Super Mario Brothers to the list. No, really. [...]

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