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2008: The Year in Fan Film News

Ah, the last post of 2008—and what a year it was for fan films. Fan Cinema Today has been bringing you all the news since it sputtered back to life in April, and there’s been plenty to write about. It was a year where fan films made tremendous strides forward in the public eye, with [...]

Homemade Hollywood FINALLY on Amazon!!!

It’s taken forever, but my book about fan films, Homemade Hollywood, is finally on Amazon for real!! There was a place-holder page on there forever–well, NO MORE. The book is FINALLY available on Amazon—and it’s $13 and change, not $85 as noted elsewhere. What a freakin’ relief. For those who aren’t familiar with it, here’s [...]

Super Mario Bros. Get Live-Action Fan Film

There’s been lots of fan films based on video games over the years—I’ve written about fan productions based on Lara Croft, Halo, Metal Gear Solid and Max Payne on this blog alone, and there’s plenty more out there, from Pac-Man to Resident Evil. Now you can add Super Mario Brothers to the list. No, really. [...]

Shhh! Max Payne Fan Film Revived…sort of

We’ve covered the untimely demise of the Max Payne fan film, Payne & Redemption, a few times here on FCT, and it’s all been bad news. Now, finally there’s something good to report. As you may recall, Fox, the major studio that owns the movie rights to the popular video game character, forced the small-time [...]

More On Studios Stopping Fan Films

Last week, I wrote how MGM shot down a classic James Bond fan film, mentioning in passing that the studio has a history of money troubles. Now The New York Times has revealed that the finances are worse than anybody thought: MGM is choking on $3.7 billion in debt, forcing it to cough up more [...]

Max Payne Fan Film Shot Down By Fox

These days, it almost feels like fan films are legal. Almost. Lucasfilm encourages them, and DC Comics said here on FCT that it’s fine with fan productions, but for every major company that understands the benefits of fans using its entertainment properties, there’s plenty of corporations that just don’t get it. Hasbro has forced a [...]

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