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Gray Areas Update: 5-25-77 Teaser Poster!

Yesterday, our Gray Areas section was devoted to a lengthy article about 5-25-77. Written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson, the semi-autobiographical comedy mixes fan films, Star Wars, coming-of-age hijinks and more, all making for a flick that we at FCT have been wanting to see for years. Our Gray Areas article, however, ended with some musings wondering if the film–which has been flying pretty low under the radar–would ever come out and whether a rumored upcoming release date was real or hogwash.

Less than 12 hours later, we got a friendly email from Johnson himself, who sent the image below to clarify things for us and everyone else who’s been chomping at the bit to see this movie (click on it for the full-size version):

5-25-77 poster

He added mysteriously, “More info to come…soon.” The Replacements said it best: Can’t hardly wait. If you missed the article or have never heard of this flick, go take a gander at the Gray Areas story, because you’ll surely hear more about 5-25-77 on this site in the months to come.

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  1. This looks cool. Is there a trailer up anywhere?

  2. tha Ca$peR


  3. The DR

    This film is great ! I was invoved in production, Its a must see for any movie fan it is why I got into the Biz way back when.

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