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Analysis: Fan Films and the Rule of Threes

Many journalists believe in the Rule of Threes: One thing happening by itself is an oddity, and two things that are alike taking place is a coincidence, but find three similar events occurring and suddenly you’ve got yourself a bonafide trend. Well, hold on folks, ’cause fan films are about to get trendy—which means Paris [...]

Gray Areas Update: 5-25-77 Teaser Poster!

Yesterday, our Gray Areas section was devoted to a lengthy article about 5-25-77. Written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson, the semi-autobiographical comedy mixes fan films, Star Wars, coming-of-age hijinks and more, all making for a flick that we at FCT have been wanting to see for years. Our Gray Areas article, however, ended with [...]

Gray Areas: I Wanna See 5-25-77

The date stands as a landmark for many, a day where the world changed forever. Movies would never be the same, people would never be the same, being a ‘fan’ of something would never be the same. The results of that day would filter into politics, religion, sex (and let’s just say it flat out: [...]

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