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News: Fan-Created Ad Fad Hits Star Wars

showusyourlightsaberHasbro is jumping on the “user-created advertising” bandwagon with its new Show Us Your Lightsaber Contest, running through March 11. Entrants must make a short video clip or ad where they use–and therefore have purchased–the new Force Action Lightsaber (oooh, ahhh), and then post it to the contest’s own special . Entries are not allowed to disparage the toy, nor can they show it being used to hurt other people–which kinda misses the point of having a lightsaber, don’t you think?

There won’t be any judging of a “best” ad; rather, by posting, you get put in a drawing to win a trip for four to Really Long Line Fest IV Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles and a one-of-a-kind chrome Force Action Lightsaber.

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