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Homemade Hollywood Rocks Out

This book keeps taking surprising twists and turns—let’s just say that when I started writing, I never figured I’d wind up interviewing punk rock legend Tommy Ramone! It was surely the first interview he’s done where there wasn’t one question asked about The Ramones; the bemusement in his voice was palpable. In the meantime, I was in touch with a variety of other folks throughout June, and have been getting the unexpected but highly appreciated research/nagging assistance of Chris Mason of SuperHeroHype.Com—thank goodness for well-connected friends.

The actual writing of the book is continuing, but it’s slow going—I spent the month neck-deep in the 1970s, an era I thought I’d be done with by now. I’m also writing a lot; while I have a long way before I get there, if I keep going at this rate, and cover everything I have in mind as extensively as I’d like to, 85,000 words ain’t gonna do the trick. Then again, I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

Part of the slow progress is due to the extensive interviews I keep getting; they’re chock full of great stories and inside information, but they take hours to transcribe—an exhausting but necessary evil. What all of this means, though, is that there’ll definitely be nothing quite like this fan film book when it hits the shelves next year!

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