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TODAY ONLY: FREE Filmmaking Book Giveaway!

Michael Wiese was the producer of the legendary Hardware Wars (George Lucas’ favorite Star Wars parody!), but these days, he runs a great publishing company that specializes in books about filmmaking, screenwriting, video production and more. They’re very accessible, written by pros, and for the next 24 hours (April 30-May 1), he’s GIVING AWAY BOOKS! [...]

FCT Roadtrip Report: New England Fan Experience

It’s almost midnight as I write this—I just got in from hours of driving and haven’t unpacked yet, so it’s short one today. I hit the New England Fan Experience in Cambridge, MA over the weekend to both show tons of fan films during two separate programs and introduce my brand-new masterpiece humble tome, Homemade [...]

Homemade Hollywood Birth Announcement

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Homemade Hollywood’s First Review!

As I’ve mentioned many times here on FCT, I’ve written the first book about fan films, Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera, which will come out from Continuum Books on October 1. That’s still a month away (although yes, you can pre-order it from Amazon and elsewhere), but the first review has hit the web [...]

It’s every fan filmmaker’s dream these days—make a flick that’s got that extra spark, that certain something that makes it blow up, going from a little video shared with your friends, to the next multi-million-view hit on YouTube. How do you get there? Well, a lot of friends and some software to game the page [...]

Readers of the Lost ARC: Fan Film Book Almost Out

My book about fan films doesn’t come out until September, but the “Advance Reader Copies” of Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera went out last week to critics and writers in mainstream media around the country. I’ve been working on it on and off for 10 years, and the other day, my ARC arrived in [...]

The Fan Film Book Gets Final Edits

So I wrote this book about the history and future of fan films, called Homemade Hollywood. You may have noticed the cover over there on the right; it looks cool, but unfortunately, the stuff on the inside isn’t done yet. I mean, it’s written and all laid out, but Continuum Books isn’t releasing it until [...]


I believe it was the noted philosopher Tom Petty who once opined, “The waiiiiiiiiting is the hardest part,” and no truer words were ever spoken (other than “the check is in the mail.” ‘Cause it is. I swear it. Honest. April fools!). Where was I? Oh yeah, the waiting. See, although I finished the writing [...]


“Hey,” you say. “Whatever happened to that ‘Name the fan film book’ title contest? You know, the one where that Clive guy wanted someone to come up with a better subtitle to his upcoming book about fan films, and in return, they’d get a free copy when it comes out, plus their name in the [...]

‘Name The Fan Film Book’ Contest!

OK, I need your help, but it takes almost no effort and you get something cool for your time! See, I’m writing the first book ever about fan films–it’s coming out next year from Continuum Books, and knock on wood, it’s gonna be pretty darn good. Mostly it’s going to be the history of fan-made [...]

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