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Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark Fan Film From Italy

Spider-Man may live in New York City, but he’s popular everywhere. Case in point? Check out Stefano Morandini’s upcoming Spider-Man: Beyond The Dark fan film, produced in Italy. Currently in the editing phase, Morandini’s flick examines what keeps a superhero fighting when he just doesn’t care anymore. Heroes can take a punch and give one [...]

Homemade Hollywood Arrives In Stores TODAY!

Well, today’s October 15—the big day when Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera hits the shelves! A full 10 years after I first had the idea for this baby, it’s finally out of my head and into the real world. Here’s a goofy idea: If you see a copy of the book out in the [...]

Homemade Hollywood Rocks Out

This book keeps taking surprising twists and turns—let’s just say that when I started writing, I never figured I’d wind up interviewing punk rock legend Tommy Ramone! It was surely the first interview he’s done where there wasn’t one question asked about The Ramones; the bemusement in his voice was palpable. In the meantime, I [...]

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