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"I canna change da laws of fan films, Captain!"

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Star Trek is all around us every day, from corny newspaper headlines that say something will “go where no [fill in the blank] has gone before” to Motorola Razr cell phones that bear a striking resemblance to Communicators.

As for me, if I stumble across the first two series on TV, I’ll usually wind up watching, and one of my best pals, Glenn Greenberg, is a Trek author of some repute, having written the comic book series, Star Trek: Untold Voyages, as well as two good novellas for the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers ebook series (the second one, “The Art of the Comeback,” is better).

When it comes to Trek fan films, however, I tend to only follow the basics: New Voyages/Phase II, the late Hidden Frontier, Starship Farragut and, of course, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, the “fan film” starring basically every ex-Trek regular who now makes more money from the convention circuit than from acting. As a result, when I need to keep track of all the amateur productions being made by enterprising fans (yes, “enterprising;” deal with it), I turn to the cleverly titled blog, Star Trek Fan Film News. You’ll never guess what its proprietor, Photons Be Free, writes about.

To her credit, PBF keeps up-to-date on all the latest fan-produced movies and audio dramas—and wow, there’s far more of each than you ever dreamed possible. Although the blog is still finding finding its feet, and there’s no real coverage of one-off productions like Of Gods and Men or the classic Redshirt Blues, otherwise, STFFN is a cool, emerging resource for fans infatuated with Star Trek.

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