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Shhh! Max Payne Fan Film Revived…sort of

movie posterWe’ve covered the untimely demise of the Max Payne fan film, Payne & Redemption, a few times here on FCT, and it’s all been bad news. Now, finally there’s something good to report.

As you may recall, Fox, the major studio that owns the movie rights to the popular video game character, forced the small-time British fan film to shut down, mere weeks away from completing three years of production. After mulling it over for a month, the filmmakers have now decided to take their original story, remove all Max Payne-related branding out of the film, and get back to work.

Director Fergle Gibson announced on the film’s blog:

We are going to RE-MAKE Payne & Redemption. When I say “re-make”, I don’t mean re-edit what we have and put it out there, because we’re not allowed to do that, and would most likely end up having our testicles removed and forcefully placed where the sun doesn’t shine. I mean we’re literally going to re-write and re-film Payne & Redemption, but BIGGER, BETTER and STRONGER than before… and perhaps most importantly, without infringing upon copyright.

Ultimately, this means that it’s not a fan film, and that they’re starting from scratch—which is a bummer. I hope it’s a ruse of sorts, where they’re merely going to reshoot whatever shots they’d already released publicly in their movie trailer. What a waste that’d be otherwise, to throw away three years’ worth of footage. Well, either way, given the controversy generated by Fox’s aggressive move against the fans, I suspect a lot of people can’t wait to see what Gibson and his team come up with, and surely more than a few will be hoping that it’s better than the multi-million dollar flick Fox currently has in production.

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