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The Fan Film Book Gets Final Edits

So I wrote this book about the history and future of fan films, called . You may have noticed the cover over there on the right; it looks cool, but unfortunately, the stuff on the inside isn’t done yet. I mean, it’s written and all laid out, but Continuum Books isn’t releasing it until September; in fact, I’m still working away, editing page proofs.

As a result, I’ve been sifting through hundreds of pages with a red pen in hand, doing final edits while consuming Fast Lane tea (the stuff has enough caffeine to put you in orbit). That photo above shows what I need to get the job done:

Proofs and the red pen—tools of the trade.
Gumballs—’cause I chomp furiously while thinking.
Level 42 promo mug—I like the cheesy slogan, and I love the Fast Lane.
Rubik’s Cubes—good distraction for when I’m stuck on how to rewrite a sentence.
CDs—topped by the best BritPop album ever, Distressor, by The Tender Idols.

It looks serene, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what my editing process looks like today, but I spent most of last week in Las Vegas on a business trip (yes, business). The last day, I had to check out of my hotel in the morning, work all day, and then wait around for my red-eye flight home at midnight, which meant I was in a homeless limbo for about six hours until it was time to hit the airport. Having been there for a few days, I was done with the gambling, so all I wanted was a quiet place where I could sit and edit. They have castles, pyramids, and every vice known to mankind, but quiet? No can do, dude.

After wandering through a few hotels, I eventually found a respite from the raucousness: The fast food area at the Luxor—man, that place is more empty than my wallet after 4 minutes of gambling. It worked out well, but I’ll still take my cluttered desk over a booth in a casino food court any day.

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