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O’Hearn To Play Conan and Captain America?

Mike O’Hearn, who I’ve written about a few times, appears as “Titan” on NBC’s American Gladiators, but fan film fans know him as Superman from Sandy Collora’s World’s Finest faux trailer fan film from 2004. Now Slashfilm has reported that O’Hearn is in the running for big-screen reboots of Conan The Barbarian and Captain America.

While the news has lit up the comic book blogosphere, somehow I doubt that it’s going to happen. Respectfully, I’d think that if the Hollywood machine was in motion to cast the guy, they wouldn’t want him blabbing all over the place until they formally announced the various films—much less to a radio show in Omaha, Nebraska, which is where O’Hearn reputedly spilled the beans.

For Conan, you can kind of see it; after all, he has an “O” in his name, so that’s already one similarity to Conan O’Brien, but…oh, wait. My bad. Anyway, yes, it’s pretty easy to picture him as The Barbarian, and as the Governor of California once proved, one doesn’t need to delve deep into Stanislavski to handle to role.

With Captain America, on the other hand, I just don’t see it, plus if Marvel has been landing the likes of Robert Downey, Jr for Iron Man and Ed Norton for The Hulk, it can probably get a higher-profile name than O’Hearn. Me, I’d like to see Ben Affleck get a second (or third) chance at a comic book movie, playing Cap. As I see it, Daredevil has always been a bummer character and nothing was going to make that eponymous movie work, plus Affleck proved he could bring the goods in Hollywoodland, where he played actor George Reeves playing the 1950s TV version of Superman. Think I’m outta my mind? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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4 Responses to “O’Hearn To Play Conan and Captain America?”

  1. Christopher Moshier

    I would think O’Hearn better for Thor.

    I think Affleck got a bad rap for Daredevil. I enjoyed the movie for what it was. As far as Affleck playing Captain America. I don’t know. I guess I would rather see him play Steve Rogers than say Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.

    And as far as you being crazy. It has nothing to do with what you’ve written above.

  2. armando

    Affleck is a bad idea. He is a so so so actor. You need someone that can deliver the goods.

  3. What’s funny though, is that Mike is actually a really good actor. He is in my new web series, which is a comedy, and he is right on it! Our first episode has been up for a week, and the second one (which is Mike’s first appearance) goes up tomorrow (Thursday) Check it out for yourself….don’t take my word for it!

    And let me know what you think…

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