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Dark Knight Project Gets Update, ‘Making Of’

The popular The Dark Knight Project fan film keeps on keepin’ on. Regular FCT readers may recall the flick as the one shot on the same Chicago streets that appeared in the feature films as parts of Gotham. As a result, the flick has the look cold, aided by sweet props like a Gotham City Police car used in the features. The flick was made entirely before The Dark Knight hit theaters; based on hints of plot released on the official movie’s website, the fan tribute was written so that it could fit into the features’ timeline.

Viewed by more than 5,500 people since it debuted on July 14, The Dark Knight Project has been slightly altered since it first hit the web, according to writer/director Jerry Vasilatos. He wrote in to mention that “I was able to change that shot of the SWAT guys climbing the rope once I saw how it was used in The Dark Knight; now it’s just copters with spotlights on the building, so there’s not too much confusion” as to when the movie takes place—between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Additionally, the flick now has its own 17-minute, behind-the-scenes video online. From the project inception, to the batsuit, to shooting on location in Chicago, it’s all there for your viewing pleasure.

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