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A Taste of Saturday Morning Watchmen

Along with the release of the Watchmen movie this weekend came the surprise discovery of Saturday Morning Watchmen, a goofy animated fan film that drops Alan Moore’s diabolical R-Rated comic book into the G-Rated waters of a typical 1980s DIC cartoon. It’s torn up the internet, going seriously viral the last few days, but if [...]

Lost Fan Films: Batman Reborn

This is the latest installment in an occasional series on fan films that were never completed. Plenty of fan films get announced every year—fan film forums are filled with ancient posts where an eager amateur filmmaker announces, “Hey, I’m gonna make a flick, and it’s gonna be awesome, with stunts, explosions, fights, car chases and [...]

Little Batman Goes Indy

Regular FCT readers may recall a fairly big-budget fan production I wrote about back in June, The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman. The flick launched last year on YouTube and has since become an online phenomenon, seen by more than 65,000 people. Now Jordan H. Wachtell, the fan film’s producer—not to mention the Dad of [...]

Dark Knight Fan Edit Remixes Silent Film History

There’s nothing like a massive, runaway blockbuster film to inspire tributes from fans. Sometimes they’re pretty stupid, and other times, they’re just cool. Take, for instance, Silent Shadow of the Bat-Man—a retro, 1920s Dark Knight short, made from editing together a slew of vintage silent films, such as The Bat (1926), The Man Who Laughs [...]

Dark Knight Project Gets Update, ‘Making Of’

The popular The Dark Knight Project fan film keeps on keepin’ on. Regular FCT readers may recall the flick as the one shot on the same Chicago streets that appeared in the feature films as parts of Gotham. As a result, the flick has the look cold, aided by sweet props like a Gotham City [...]

Book Excerpt: Building Batman: Dead End

With the nation going bonkers for The Dark Knight this week, it seems only fitting to unveil a related snippet of the upcoming fan film book, Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera. Here’s an edited-down excerpt about one of the most popular fan movies of all-time, Sandy Collora’s 2003 flick, Batman: Dead End. As regular [...]

Watchmen Fan Film Contest Announced

Dude, I love Watchmen. I never seem to go with the mainstream on anything, but I tend to agree with most people that it just might be the best comic book ever. As a result, I’m looking forward to March 6 next year—the date that the Watchmen big-screen adaptation opens—with a mixture of excitement and [...]

DC Comics Officially OKs Fan Films

DC Comics and its parent company Warner Brothers have had a mixed history with fan films over the years, from shutting down one of the first Superman fan flicks to hit the web, to requesting that San Diego Comic Con respect its copyrights by not presenting fan films featuring its characters—a move that ended the [...]

Analysis: Big Media Wants You

There’s the old cliché that if you chain a million monkeys to a million typewriters, eventually one of them is going to accidentally write Macbeth. Regardless of what Shakespeare’s ghost and PETA might think of this concept, the general idea applies well to the modern media age—not for the cliché’s original meaning, which was a [...]

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