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Fan Film News: Heroes, Potter, My Book, & More!

The “fan film speed news” format was so popular the other week (fan film news in two sentences or less) that here’s another batch of stories:

• Not only is NBC’s Heroes a show for nerds (and I say that having never missed an episode, even at the depths of last season), it also stars nerds as well. If you need proof, consider this: Milo Ventimigila (“Peter Petrelli”) made a Star Wars lightsaber duel as a goof with some friends, and it was shown at San Diego Comic Con just before the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge awards ceremony.

Newsday, one of the biggest newspapers in America, did a short write-up about Homemade Hollywood, the book I wrote about fan films that comes out THIS WEEK! is yet another new site about fan films. While it plans to offer tutorials and whatnot in the future, for now, it’s based around forums.

The Ithacan Online, a college paper based in, duh, Ithica, NY, recently did a feature, “The Wizard of Rock,” profiling Ithaca College sophomore Lena Weinstein, who is providing music to the upcoming Harry Potter fan film, James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing, based on the fanfic novel of the same name.

• There’s a behind-the-scenes retrospective on a Megaman fan film being made by Eddie LeBron at this site.

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